Eco cabs in Chandigarh

Posted on 20th June 2012 in Day & Night
Chandigarh would soon have a new public transport service, eco cabs which are specially designed rickshaws.
Almost a year after deliberations, the Chandigarh administration has in principle agreed to run 100 Eco cabs, the city’s first dial-e-rickshaw service. One has to call at a particular number to get a rickshaw at the doorstep.
The specially designed rickshaw would have an FM radio and cold mineral water bottle on separate payment. Navdeep Asija, the founder of the NGO Eco Cabs is excited about the proposal. Navdeep has to his credit the launch of Eco Cabs in Fazilka, the first in the country.
Navdeep says that the model has already been successfully tried in Patiala and Amritsar besides Fazilka. The drivers would be imparted training to act as tourist guides as well. The rickshaws would be run at a fixed per km fare and for tourists, it would also be available on a per day package basis.
The security aspect is also being looked into. Each and every eco cab and its driver would be registered with the administration. Asija, an IIT graduate says that environmental friendly public transport system was the need of the hour
Taking up the issue of congestion and high pollution in sector 17, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has repeatedly laid stress on making some areas of sector 17 as a no-vehicle zone. The administration could run non-motorised vehicle slike Eco Cabs in such areas, the high court had suggested.


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