Chandigarh’s bid to be smog-free - Ecocabs in Chandigarh

Posted on 26th May 2013 in The Sunday Guardian
Munish Dhiman
Cities across the country are striving to check pollution levels every day. Delhi has introduced CNG autos and buses which have brought down emission rates considerably. Chandigarh has always been known as a clean and green city, but of late increase in city traffic has taken its toll. Eco Cabs is a newly launched transportation system that aims at reducing pollution levels in the city and promotes eco-friendly travel.This new-found public transport service has special rickshaws which race through city roads, helping passengers reach their respective destination without adding to the carbon content of the atmosphere.

The specially designed rickshaws can be booked over the telephone. You may enjoy the FM radio while travelling in these customer-friendly rickshaws, which also provides seat belts to ensure passenger safety. The safety belt can be used to hold your luggage or ensure your kids' safety while sitting on the hind side of the rickshaw. These are not the only features that make it special, newspapers, a tourist map of the city, and a popular magazine are also available on payment.

Navdeep Asija, founder, introduced Eco Cabs in Fazilka couple of years ago. Being the first of its kind in the country, the innovative venture has been well received by commuters. Excited about the project in Chandigarh, Asija told Guardian20, "Besides Fazilka, we have successfully tried the model in 22 other cities in Punjab and are doing pretty well there. These are special rickshaws and are driven by fully trained people as per the city map and because of the rigorous training, which relieves you of the haunting idea of hiring a special guide."

Alike other existing modes of cab services in the region which are available at a fixed per/km fare, these eco cabs will also run in the similar fashion. The additional feature for tourists is that they can hire the cab on a per-day package as per convenience.

Elaborating on how one can use the services, Asija further added, "We are going by contemporary ways and means to enhance accessibility, quality and comfort of using the cab service. We have put in place an advanced call system and the service is also available on android based smart phones, as an app. This is the first big step aimed at reducing the air pollution level caused due to the density of private vehicles plying on the city roads."

To make it a truly safe journey, each and every eco cab and its driver will be registered under the norms put in place by the Chandigarh Administration.


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