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Posted on 16th April 2015 in Times of India
Apr 16 2015 : The Times of India (Delhi)

´╗┐Best employee-based active transport initiative | NAGARRO SOFTWARE PVT LTD

Nagarro, a software development company, set up three cycle stations for its employees in November to encourage them to cycle between its three buildings located within a radius of 3km in Sector 18, Gurgaon.The project, called Nagarro Cycle Station, was the first corporate cycle-sharing programme in DelhiNCR. Within six months, cycle use by its staff has increased by approximately 30%.


The foundation works for improving urban mobility in Punjab using cycle rickshaws as paratransit or public transport to take the load off conventional mass transit systems. It supports 5 lakh cycle rickshaw pullers in Haryana and Punjab and has pushed for India's first non-motorized transport (NMT) Act. It has also played a role in the creation of NMT inclusive urban mobility plans for more than 200 cities.

Public Active Transport Initiative | CENTRE FOR GREEN MOBILITY AND PWD, DIU

Diu Bicycle Network Planning & Infrastructure Design is a project for creating 26km of cycle-friendly streets that connect to all the major or minor locations in Diu. It provides a safe right of way to cyclists and aims to turn Diu into India's `cycling destination'. The project has sensitized government officials to the importance of non-motorized transport.So far, 4.3km of cycle tracks with signage and parking have been started.

Promising Active Transport Social Entrepreneur | THE ATLANTA FOUNDATION

TAF has been promoting cycling in India for about six years. It helps people get cycles through its Cycle Stations and organizes cycling events called Pelotons in different cities. To ensure enthusiasts continue cycling for the long term, it provides free and regular maintenance at its Cycle Clinics. It claims that it got about 25,000 people to participate in just one year.

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