A rickshaw-puller who ‘peddled’ his way into the world of music

Posted on 28th January 2009 in Indian Express
Indian Express, Anupam Bhagria, Jan 28, 2009

It is rare that a rickshaw ride ever m akes for special memories for most passengers. But, for the hundreds who have hired Rajinder Kumar’s rickshaw, they remember him for something more than just the ride.

A migrant from Bihar, Rajinder Kumar Yadav popularly known as “Rangeela”, is known more as a lyricist and Bhopuri singer than a mere rickshaw-puller.

With three audio cassettes of Bhojpuri songs already to his credit, he is ready with his fourth.

“It is Pyar Ka Mamla recorded by Supertrack studio in Model Gram. I have a dream that Darshan Kumar of T-series Company releases this one. I hope to communicate with him soon in this regard.”

Rangeela has written the lyrics for all the songs in the cassette that has Kumari Sangeeta, a High school student of Uttar Pardesh, Sunil Kumar Premi and Anuj Kumar as the other singers besides him.

A father of three, Rangeela came to Ludhiana nearly 12 years ago. His wife Ganga Devi stays in their native village with the children. It was the financial help from one Chiranjeev Kumar Maanjhi of Ajamgarh district in Uttar Pardesh that helped Rangeela realise his dream

“I received good response to my earlier cassettes, including Ho Jai Hungama and Orhaniya Apna Sambhal,” says Rangeela while admitting that his first cassette’s failure did not deter him.

“My first audio cassette flopped. But I did not feel discouraged and kept writing lyrics with daily practice of singing. My cassette Ho Jai Hungama brought me success,” adds the singer.

Money, for him, is not the sole desire. “I don’t care much about what I earn. I will continue singing till my last breath.”

So, when does he find time to write the lyrics for his songs? “While waiting for passengers, I get enough time and always keep my diary and pen with me. Writing lyrics is a spontaneous process. I feel relaxed after writing and singing.”

While family circumstances forced Rangeela to quit school after Class VI, he hopes to contribute substantially towards his children’s education.

“I will help them in their studies and would be happy if one of them follows me and sings.”


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