Radio-ricks to ecosystem rescue

Posted on 18th June 2008 in Times of India
Anilesh Mahajan, Times of India, 18th June 2008

CHANDIGARH: A bunch of people in small town Punjab may just have thought of another novel way to fight against the threat our ecosystem faces. In the first ever enterprise of its sort, former IIT Roorkee professor Bhupinder Singh, along with local NGO Graduate Welfare Association of Fazilka (GWAF) and Czech Republic-based World Car Free Network, has devised something that can be called a 'radio-rick'.

Singh, a leading name in alternative energy resource development in the country, will on Friday launch the programme in Fazilka.

The NGO representatives said with the launch, Fazilka would become to rickshaws what Anand village in Gujarat had become to milk cooperatives.


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