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Posted on 19th January 2012 in Jaago Re

Markets at an all time low

Crisis halfway across the world

Tragedy hits your hometown

A new scandal becomes the trending topic on social media

It’s safe to say that people are all too familiar with news. Be it in the papers or on our screens, it shows you the same picture. One cannot deny the reality and one definitely cannot deny that there is very little respite in the negative updates that show on our screens or papers.

This can have several outcomes. Many express their opinions furiously in retaliation on various platforms, while others shrug it off and move on with their life. Neither is constructive nor helping the country on a macro scale.

This blog is a reminder that there is hope in this state of turmoil.  News from around the country that we found hope in. A sign of a positive India. 

An Eco-Cab. A Novel Approach.

A folk singer and a civil services aspirant, both rickshaw pullers, have started a dial-a-rickshaw service. This facility in Punjab is transforming the lives of those earning a living out of it. It also promises to take care of a whole lot of critical issues like traffic congestion, air pollution, parking, and road safety. 3,000-odd green vehicles have been rolled out under the dial-a-rickshaw project and financed by State Bank of Patiala. What’s more, these people will double up as tourist guides. A programme to train them in etiquette, behavioural skills and expertise that are required to be a tourist guide is on the anvil.

Thanks to this unique service about 4,000 eco-cabs in Fazilka, Patiala, Amritsar and a few other districts in Punjab are just a call away. In Fazilka, a team of young IIT graduates have got this concept rolling and have hired a tea vendor to act as a “customer care executive” handling close to 50 calls a day on phone from custo­mers seeking rickshaws. To help the rickshaw puller lead a better life, a tie-up for heavily discounted medicine at chemist shops has also been arranged to lessen the cost of treatment.

And to add a feather to the whole concept, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States is studying the eco project. With an aim at helping civic bodies offset the traditional car-centric development patterns. The project has been titled “Future of Urban Mobility.”

This is just one instance out of the many good things happening around the country. Unfortunately, mainstream media fails to cover these exceptional stories. In our busy lives, we’ve become strangely addicted to negativity. Sensationalist news headlines are not helpful, they appeal to our lurid side. Positive News is different; it aims to inform but also to find solutions to the problems we face.

You too can help thousands discover the bright side of news. All you need to do is submit positive news onwww.jaagore.com. It’s a simple act that can help the country look at the glass half full. After all, who doesn’t like good news!?


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