Fatehgarh gives eco cabs to rickshaw pullers

Posted on 27th June 2011 in Times of India
FATEHGARH SAHIB: June 27, 2011
On Monday the Fatehgarh sahib district also joined the list of "eco rickshaw cab" districts of Punjab by handing over 50 eco cabs to poor rickshaw pullers of city here during a function organized by administration. 

The State Bank of Patiala (SBOP) has financed the all eco cabs under its DRI scheme and has spent total Rs 5 lakhs to purchase these new eco friendly rickshaws for city residents. 

The SBOP has spent Rs 10,000 on the purchase of each eco cab and has fixed 36 monthly installments of Rs 300 per month for all richshaw pullers to recover its loans given to each purchaser of eco cab. 

To increase the income of eco cabs pullers, the administration has decided to motivate locals to give advertisements on these cabs so that owners of these cabs could earn more money to repay their debt, they have taken from SBOP bank. 

"These eco cabs have first aid kits and FM radios. We hope these would attract maximum number of locals and motivate other rickshaw pullers also to opt for these environment friendly cabs." Said Fatehgarh Sahib Deputy Commissioner Yashvir Mahajan. The commissioner said after eco cabs they have plans to launch environment friendly Rehris for vendors also for all district. 

About the success of DRI scheme, the commissioner said SBOP bank authorities are offering every possible help and the locals should take benefit of this scheme. 

Before Fatehgarh Sahib, the Patiala, Fazilka, Moga and some other districts have also launched eco cabs with the help of DRI scheme of SBOP and in almost all cities the eco cabs are attracting more locals then other rickshaws.


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